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Folic Acid for parents to be

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You must have read it in my last post that consuming optimal amount of Folic acid is must for a mother-to-be. In my this post, I am going to highlight the key reasons concerning why.

Below are some key reasons why an expecting mother or planning to conceive woman should take the right amount of Folic acid.

  • Folic acid before pregnancy -
    • Folic acid promotes fertility - some of my friends believed it to be a myth but it isn't. The super properties of folic acid i.e the one where is protects the embryos in the women's body helps boost fertility in women
    • It just not helps women, it also helps men by improving sperm motility and count which is must have if a woman wants to conceive

  • Folic acid during pregnancy - there are couple of reasons due to which folic acid is considered a key vitamin in pre-natal supplements. To list down major ones:
    • Promotes cell growth - with a little baby inside you, you need all help you can get to have an excellent cell growth phenomena. And given folic acid has a vital property of making and repairing cells, it provides this much required support
    • Develops neural tubes - Neural tubes development is the key stage for your baby. It happens in the very beginning of the pregnancy, when you might even know that you are expecting. Neural tubes form into brain and spinal cord of the baby and Folic acid is one of the key vitamin which promotes healthy neural development

There are various foods which have good amount of folic acid present but being pregnant calls for additional supplements. The ideal intake of Folic acid is 400 micrograms per day but you must consult your doctor as every person is different. Depending on your health and condition, your doctor will prescribe you right dosage.

For more details on Folic acid regarding natural sources, dosage, over dosage and other benefits, please read my detailed post here.

I hope my article helps.

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