Friday, 22 January 2016

The Very First Post

Hey, Thank you for stopping by!

Now you must be wondering that given there are so many blogs and websites already available on babies and pregnancies, what is it that I can offer. It was the same question that my husband asked. Well, I decided to write about this topic on the day when I decided to have a baby and searched online. Yes, hundreds of links came up and not a single one answered all my questions. I have spent days and nights researching on various topics and given I am so curious I have searched on almost all topics. 

With my blog I want to create a space which has all questions answered. Of course it will take forever to write about everything but at least I want to try. 

The topics I want to cover are like planing for pregnancy, missed periods, precautions and measures, early symptoms, ovulation, miscarriage, low sperm count, IUI, IVF and so many more. I also want to write about experiences - my and of other women (with due consent). My husband if not intrigued with the thought of me writing all this for the world but I really want to. I know so much and I encounter so many women who lack all this info. 

So, I hope my blog, in coming months, will be helpful to everyone who reads it.

If you have any suggestions or topics to discuss, you can leave me a message and I will take it up.

Love and Cheers.

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