Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Missing your 'Auto Flow' this month?

If you are planning to conceive than a missed period is the most ominous sign. But it necessarily does not mean you are pregnant.

Periods aka AF* are the monthly routine and unless we are pregnant we want them to visit us right on time, however many times it does not happen and there can be multiple re
asons to them... To start with (and to re-iterate) it maybe your lucky cycle and you might soon be looking at a BFP

Other not so happy reasons can be: 

  • Stress: Stress is the one of the most  common reasons for skipped periods. Any tragic or unpleasant event can trigger stress and given that stress is linked to hormones it results in missed periods. I have known many women who stress about getting pregnant and miss their period, hence  the simple words of the wise are - "come what may, do not stress out yourself"
  • Hormones: It is an important thing to keep your hormones in check. If you are suffering from missed period for months, you should look into a getting a hormones test. You might wish to delay the inevitable but it is better to face it soon, and God forbid if you have the demon called PCOS, I would recommend treating it like now!
  • Falling sick: At times it happens, you fall sick around the time you were suppose to ovulate and falling sick results in delayed or no ovulation. If you are not tracking your cycle at grave lengths then you will never know if you have ovulated on time. Well assuming you are missing AF due to some illness last month you do not stress over this, it will be fine in next cycle
  • Weight or change of schedule: If you have suddenly gained/lost weight or changed your schedule then it might be one of the causes of your missed period. In case of extreme changes it is recommended to let your weight/routine get stable and then see what is happening to your  monthly cycle
  • Heavy medication: If you have started on some heavy medications like for thyroid, BP etc. then it might have negative impact on your hormones which in turn lead to missed periods. In such cases it is recommended to talk to your doctor and discuss the effects on your periods, you don't want your monthly cycle to stay abrupt for long term
  • Excessive Exercise: If you have suddenly started exercising heavily or have indulged in serious diet then it might mess up with your hormones. In such cases it is recommended to give your body some time to get adjusted to the routine so that your hormones are back on track
  • Birth Control: Getting out of birth control pills after a long period of time can mess up your hormones as well. We all know what these pills do and when your body is on them for a little too long it stops ovulating naturally. However after few months your body adapts to your natural cycle and  you can get back to your happy routine
Above are the few reasons that can cause missed periods... However, if you have any physical issues or if they have been skipping or irregular for a long time it is advisable to seek a professional help.

I hope my article helps.

Cheers and Love

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