Friday, 17 March 2017

Love at First Sight - The First Sonogram

I still remember the desperation we felt when we first visited the gynecologist... Given the history we both were exceptionally skeptical. My mind was yelling, 'is it true? We need to know for sure...' It had been more than 20 hours since we found out and both of us didn't had guts to share the news with anyone... What if it was false positive...

Containing our happiness and skepticism, we booked the first appointment we got to the closest gynae in our area. And we waited...

At the doctor's: 'you have all the symptoms and if the home test gave you two dark lines than it is a positive. Congratulations,' she has said... but she didn't know my fear. I have had these symptoms before as well. She understood my hesitation and prescribed a sonograph.

Unfortunately we were too late in getting the appointment and the sonography department was already closing. 

'If you make the payment now, the doc can do the sonography today. But you will get reports Monday,' said the receptionist. We actually had to get it done so my husband hurried to the payment counter and the sonographer prepped me. The moment payment appeared in her system she turned on the machine...

And there it was... I was so used to seeing empty black screen that I could not believe my eyes. Right in the center of the screen, with the size as small as a tiny droplet, and fluttering a little too fast for my knowledge was my angel's heart. I still remember the blissful feeling I got in that moment. The feeling of joy, satisfaction and love - I have no words to express. It was in that moment I fell in love, yes I was just a tiny dot but I knew this dot will transform in a beautiful baby, whom I so lovingly hold in my arms now.

My biggest regret that day was that my husband missed this serene first sight of our baby. Damn that sonographer, she couldn't even wait for two minutes. But he did get to see the pictures. Anyways, he went to the next appointment and in that one, he fell in love at his first sight...

Lots of Love


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